How to become an au pair

  1. Please contact us (web form, email or phone) and we will send you the Application Form to be filled up and signed.
  2. Once accepted your application, we’ll ask you to send us the following documentation:
    1. A copy of your identity card or passport.
    2. A photo collage of yourself. It is your first introduction to the host family, so it is important you chosse them carefully. It is better if children appear also in the picture. If you do not have any with children, it is also appreciated if you are participating in a family or friend event, or taking part in a sport activity.
    3. A current health report by your family doctor.
    4. Two letters with references on children care. They can be written by families whose children you have been taken care or by the master of the school/university you have studied at.
    5. School certificates and any other documentation you might consider interesting for the application process.
    6. A written oath. You must sign a written oath stating that you don’t have neither any pending cause with justice in your country nor any criminal record. Family can ask for a police certificate.
    7. A written letter by yourself addressed to the host family. Introduce yourself and explain your reasons to come to Spain and to become an au pair. Feel free to add any information you want the host family to know. Be honest and positive about your skills and values.

If you have any doubt about these documents and how to transfer them, we will be happy to help you.

  1. Once we have reviewed the whole documentation, we will arrange with you a meeting to know better your expectations and reducing uncertainties.
  2. Then we start looking for a family which suits to your profile.
  3. When found, we will send you a host family report and if you are interested in it, we will arrange a videoconference with them.
  4. After the interview, both the host family and you will if it is ok for you our choice. If you are not convinced, no problem, we look for another family. If you like the family, we got it! You just have to plan your trip and make your stay an unforgettable experience.
  5. In that moment, we will draft the agreement between host family and au pair.
  6. You should keep us informed on your travel details.
  7. So long as schedules allow us, we pick you up at the airport/train station. We deliver our "Welcome Dossier" with general information about the country, the city of stay and other useful information. Afterwards, you meet the host family at our office.