If you wish to come to Barcelona area as an au pair or a student living with a host family, we will not charge any fee for searching a family that is suited to your profile and expectations. Hiring our services means commitment and we guarantee an excellent individual attention. The following are some aspects that highlight our task:

Individual attention

Our aim is to offer an integral and completely personalized service, both to au pair and host family. We try to reach the perfect match, taking into account personal interests and expectations from both parties.

Assessessment and administratives procedures

  • We draw up the agreement between the host family and the au pair, which regulates rights and duties for both parties, in accordance with current legislation.
  • We assess you about medical insurances.
  • If needed, we can process documentation to participate in the programme (you could be charged for some of those procedures).

Training and follow-up

  • Since the arrival in a new country is not always easy, we want our au pairs feel welcomed from the first day. So long as schedules allow us, we pick you up at the airport/train station. We deliver our "Welcome Dossier" with general information about the country, the city of stay and other useful information. Afterwards, you meet the host family at our office.
  • We assess and keep in contact with you throughout your stay. We are available to help both au pair and host family.
  • We offer advice on language schools, or any other courses you might need (regarding free time, professional interests, etc.)
  • We want our au pair and babysitter community to feel welcome. Therefore, throughout the year, we organize meetings, guided tours and other interesting activities.
  • You’ll meet other au pairs and babysitters willing to meet new friends from around the world.

Conflict resolution and replacements

  • We are experts in conflict mediation. Throughout your stay in our country we ensure all terms in agreement between you and host family are met. If you don’t feel comfortable with the host family, we will be available to listen to you and solve your problem.
  • If for any particular reason, we consider it is necessary a change of family, we will look for another host family. See our “Replacement Policy”.

Work as a babysitter for other families

Moreover, we provide you with the opportunity to fill your availability up with some work hours in other families which need native-speakers as babysitters. Families will pay you for each session.